A Guru and Three Princes

Hidden object game, Over 100,000 players

Once upon a time in India, a king asked a Guru to teach his sons on the ways of the world to become wise and able rulers. Every day, the Guru would tell the princes a story and then ask what they learned from it. The prince who excelled in the lesson became the heir to the throne. Can you top that challenge?



Monkey and Crocodile

Monkey and Crocodile

How the greed of an individual breaks a beautiful friendship, and nearly ends in a murder. Play the game to find yet another fascinating lesson from the Guru to his disciples.




Monkey and Crocodile

Swan and Tortoise

Even the best intentions cannot help those who can't help themselves. Play the game to find out another story by a Guru to teach a life's lesson to the princes





A Curious Monkey

"Curiousity killed the Cat or was it a monkey?" What message did the Guru intend to teach from this story? Play the game to find out.



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